Mind YourWorkplace

Looking For Ways To Ensure You Have A Mentally Healthy Workplace? Need The Services Of A Corporate Focussed Psychologist?

Mind Your Workplace services include:

  • Employee assistance program counselling to support the mental health of your staff in times of need, manage problems early and improve absenteeism rates
  • Independent medico-legal psychological assessment to address work capacity and assist in return to work success
  • Injury prevention, psychological risk management and wellbeing consulting to improve incident reporting, management of injury claims, reduce absenteeism, increase staff morale and support
  • Corporate coaching to support staff in management, help staff in relating to others and those transitioning up the corporate ladder
  • Seminar, training and group facilitation to upskill and educate your staff on all things psychology, workplace and health
  • Workplace mediation services to address relationship and communication difficulties
  • Critical incident debriefing to manage a workplace crisis

For a confidential discussion about whether Mind Your Health Centre can assist your workplace, please enquire today on 03 9965 8903 or reception@mindyourhealthcentre.com.au